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UPDATE!! - I have started a new Inbound Marketing Site called
The site will focus on educating others on Inbound Marketing techniques, Wordpress, SEO, Social Media and various technical related issues.

Web Design in the current age has taken on a different direction than the foundation it was built upon. Placement within search engines has become a primary goal for any "success driven company". While graphics are still an important part of a site's presentation, a web site should also embrace the complexities of using Inbound Marketing techniques and SEO coding to fully prepare it for the vast levels of competitiveness existing in today's market

Depending on "your" market, the competition can be extremely high. This is why your foundation should be built from the ground up ready for growth and visibility. With insight, patience and hard work, you can achieve (over time) the rankings that you are seeking. Web analytics and keyword research make up a vital part of your competition analysis

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I have spent the better part of the last 15 years researching and documenting a process which I feel is the core essentials to building a SEO-based site foundation. At the same time, the engines are constantly changing.... so techniques and process must also change with the times. Daily research and industry upkeep are parts of this growth process. My origins lie in the .dot com boom of Silicon valley before SEO was a term, before social media was created and before Inbound Marketing was an industry. My fascination grew from the days of simple link reciprocation, to the creation of meta-tags to the slow decline of seeing outbound techniques fade and new ones emerge. Heck! Things are still changing, and its dang exciting!

At current, I am authoring a book, titled "SEO & Social Media Simplified (Inbound, Analytics and More!)" to be published in 2016, that simplifies the process into steps with a series of checks and balances. This process is a combined effort to be utilized with social media marketing.

Web Analytics:

I believe web analysis to be the meat of any SEO effort and web marketing foundation. Web analytics is a daily part of my inbound rituals, whether in regards to evaluating a site's performance, ranking, measuring traffic or just building a profile. In use with efficient keyword research methods, you can get the best of both worlds by understanding the flow of information and how it is being perceived.

Social Media:

Social Media marketing has become the number #1 focus of marketing efforts for business growth. Rightly so, it's simplicity lies in being able to reach alot of people by simply networking and socializing. Though in a corporate environment, this means being able to juggle these tasks with everything else on your plate. I also have built a rather unique system of creating professional social media sites, while also utilizing the tools available to save time (and still achieve the same results).

Social sites have ranged from full engagement operations to simple set ups (set it and forget it). Interaction factors depend upon the policies of one's corporation.

Social Media Stance
Please note: I have chosen to apply many of my social media efforts more to a business-related / work effort, than as an individual. This was personal choice made for time management purposes.

It has been said that moving forward as an SEO, an individual is expected to adopt and rely on also becoming a social media optimizer as a new model within the 21st century. Some examples of social setups created in the past are included below.


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Excel 2010: Essentials
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Excel 2010: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
Excel 2010: Financial Functions in Depth
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Excel 2010: Power shortcuts

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